Chuck Clark


Chucks Circus Extravaganza!

This show is just a fun show, perfect for birthday parties, fairs, libraries, schools, and anything else to fill your needs. Using more traditional juggling and circus equipment like balls, clubs, unicycles, diabolos, and much more.


Science of the Circus!

Why does a spinning ball balance better than one that’s not? Why does a Whip make that cracking sound and how? Find out this and more in this educational show where we explain the science, math, and phyics behind the circus!


Ordinary to Extraordinary

Every thing used in this show can be found around your house, at a super mart, or easily made at hardware stores. Here we talk about the importance of thinking outside the box and using your imagination.

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Half Time Performance

A 1920 Inspired Halftime act using a large deal of tricks created during the early 1900s, and a couple that haven't been performed since. This act is 7 minutes start to finish with very little set up and tear down time.

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Stilt Walking!

Want to make your party memorable for you guests without the time for a full show? Our stilt walking options is for you, available is different outfits, skills such as juggling, and heights to fit your venue. Great for photo opportunities with special guests and providing atmosphere!


Lickspittler Circus

This 60 minute show features high skill circus arts as well as astonishing magic! Lickspittlers Circus can be performed almost anywhere, traveling with all sound and backdrops to turn any area into the perfect performing area! 


Circus Workshops

I teach a wide variety of circus skills. Please contact me with any special requests you may have!

- Juggling

- Unicycle

- Acrobatics/Hand Balancing

- German Wheel